Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unless an emergency precludes you... DON'T Give Birth at a Hospital!

Here in the United States, the C-section rate is over 30%!  In actuality (in my local area) it is between 45 and 50%!

This is ridiculous, ladies.  There is absolutely NO way that half of all babies are required to be cut out of a mother's womb.  This is a dangerous trend that has long-term detrimental effects for both mother and baby.

I recently was talking to a nurse friend of mine who has worked with many laboring patients.  I told her about my labor & delivery experience--that I was pushing for over 4 hours (not fun).  She quickly told me, "You would have been sectioned" (given a Cesarean section).

"WHY?"  I asked.  "My son was born just fine and healthy... I too had no complications."

"Well... I don't know... Moms get tired with all of that pushing..."

Granted, my friend here isn't the expert in this area; I would have gotten a (hopefully) more definitive answer from a physician.  Regardless, I was stunned by the curt response... and SO thankful that I birthed naturally in the comfort of my home!  Yes, it was long and very difficult.. and yes, I was extremely tired.  But that is no reason for my body to be cut open and robbed of a natural birth experience.

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Gabriela said...

Or do like I did, and have the baby 10 minutes after you get there. :) Au natural! Seriously, I could have monitored my birth until 10 cm dilation, and walked in, "Ready!"