Saturday, December 15, 2012

How I Cured My Acne

So I'm not going to claim that this will cure everyone, but most assuredly it will help if you have problems with acne.

Over the years (since I hit puberty), I have tried many different ways to subdue the embarrassing breakouts that appeared on my face... Murad, Clearasil, ProActive, natural remedies, changing to mineral makeup, toner, a very expensive clay mask... lots of things.  I actually hear about this a lot from others that suffer from acne--they try lots and lots of things.  It's frustrating, and embarrassing.

When my skin began to improve is when I ditched the "oil-free" junk from WalMart and actually put oil on my face.  I made a moisturizer with jojoba oil and several drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil.  And, NO!, the oils did not make me break out.  Jojoba oil is actually very similar to your skin's oil which makes it an ideal moisturizer.

Another treatment which improved the healing process was making a paste with sea salt and gently dabbing it on my face (mostly on problem area).  I left that on for about 5 minutes then washed off.  The salt helps draw out impurities.

Although these treatments were wonderful for my skin, I still had breakouts often.  Finally, I had enough.  I read "Wheat Belly," and decided to get rid of the wheat in my diet.  Crackers, bread, pasta, cookies... and guess what?  My acne went away! I couldn't believe it!  I guess the wheat I was eating was creating inflammation on my skin.  My theory was tested when I ate a big plate of spaghetti at a friend's home after my skin had been clear for awhile.  Just a couple days later, my skin broke out.  That was enough evidence for me!

Occasionally I have some wheat, although I typically limit it to treats (piece of cake, brownie).  And occasionally I get a blemish.  But it is nothing like it used to be.  They are not as red, painful, or noticeable.  And my scars have very gradually been diminishing.

Well, there's my "acne cure"!  Hopefully this may help those of you out there still aggravated with skin issues!

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Gabriela said...

Yep, that is amazing. I want to share it with all my beautiful yet blemished friends.... lol ;)